The Ecoscent system offers discrete diffusion for larger areas. The Ecoscent fragrance diffuser is designed to be connected directly to your HVAC Air Conditioning system, delivering increased scenting efficiency by up to 50%.

The Ecoscent is easy to use and ideal for scenting exhibition halls, casinos, offices, airports or large hotel lobbies. With a option to connect either 450ml, 2 liter or 5 liter fragrance cartridges, scenting for large areas and multiple zones through your HVAC system has never been easier.



Ecoscent r1

The Ecoscent r1 has been specifically developed to cope with the demands of scenting in larger open spaces. Since it connects to the HVAC system via ducts it can be neatly stored away out of sight near the HVAC ducts. Your chosen fragrance is then dispersed through the HVAC system to the selected areas.

Ecoscent r2, r4, r6

Ecoscent r2-r6 range allow for multiple diffuser attachments, this means even greater coverage can be achieved. When the Ecoscent r2-r6 is connected to a HVAC system, fragrance coverage can be up to 6000 cubic metres.

Ecoscent r1 and Ecoscent r2


  • Up to 5 litre cartridges

  • Built-in Timer

  • Connect to HVAC / AC

Scent through air conditioner

Air Aroma’s unique way of scenting fragrances by cold air diffusion converts fragrance oils into a dry mist of microscopic droplets through pressured filtered cold air. The scented dry mist is then released into the HVAC ducts, ensuring a consistent and high quality fragrance in the chosen areas.

HVAC Ducts

Ecoscent r1

Ecoscent r1 and Ecoscent r2

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