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Now we are coming into summer it is the perfect time to reap in the scent rewards! Be it for your home or business, we have a Scent Solution for you!

Did you know that our sense of smell is heightened during Spring and Summer? This is due to additional moisture in the air. It is a similar effect after exercise!

Beach Body tip - exercise in the presence of diffused Peppermint Essential oil, it can increase athletic performance by 20% and therefore working harder you can reach your goals quicker. Remember to keep those taste buds just as healthy though!

In the heat of Summer we get the usual British Thunderstorms, more often in east midlands and south east. But the old phrase 'smell a storm coming' is in fact possible. Those with highly sensitive Olfactory systems can foresee(foresmell?) a storm coming due to the fresh, sharp scent of Ozone.

Our favourite scents to create the perfect Summer Atmosphere with or without the sunny weather are the following;
- Ivory Coconut
- Fig Essence
- Guava Cucumber
- Grapefruit Blast
- Frangipani

Please leave your Summer Scent stories below in the comments section. We'd love to hear them!

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