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Making your house a home, with scent

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Imagine a long hard day at work you're stressed out, tired and fed up. All you’re looking forward to is going home to a long warm bath, a good movie and a nice British cup of tea. After trudging through the rest of the day and after a tiresome commute home you eventually arrive to your front door; putting your key in and opening up your house you are greeted by the stench and stale remnants of the dinner you cooked the night before. This is not what you wanted to come home too at all.

Imagine this didn't have to happen. Imagine you had a product more effective than a candle, something which wouldn't burn out quickly and which could eradicate this problem of lingering, unwanted odour and replace it with a fragrance of your choice. Imagine a fresher, cleaner air!

We have your answer.

Introducing our state-of-the-art ‘Aromax’ to bring you the most pioneering machinery in order for you to scent your home.

The Aromax works by diffusing your choice of fragrance into your home using whisper silent technology. The fragrance is dispersed in a way which enables the most effective output which is much more efficient than any candle or other home scenting product. The Aromax delivers to you a restful, soothing atmosphere; perfect to suit your every mood.

We have a huge selection of scents available to you if you purchase an Aromax for your home. Whether it be the sweet delicate scent of white tea or the fresh dewy scent of grass, the floral fragrance frangipani or even perhaps the luxurious aroma of Redwood; We have something which is bound engage your senses and give your home a scent experience you have never encountered before. Furthermore to this the scents used inside the Aromax are made with the highest quality ingredients meaning you won't be left with that nasty chemical base note.

The Aromax has been created with the most innovative technology resulting in a stylish and compact cone-shaped design. Available in 6 brilliant colours the Aromax is bound to fit right into your home to compliment any interior.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us now; ready, set, scent.


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