Summer Scenting

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Now we are coming into summer it is the perfect time to reap in the scent rewards! Be it for your home or business, we have a Scent Solution for you!

Did you know that our sense of smell is heightened during Spring and Summer? This is due to additional moisture in the air. It is a similar effect after exercise!

Beach Body tip - exercise in the presence of diffused Peppermint Essential oil, it can increase athletic performance by 20% and therefore working harder you can reach your goals quicker. Remember to keep those taste buds just as healthy though!

In the heat of Summer we get the usual British Thunderstorms, more often in east midlands and south east. But the old phrase 'smell a storm coming' is in fact possible. Those with highly sensitive Olfactory systems can foresee(foresmell?) a storm coming due to the fresh, sharp scent of Ozone.

Our favourite scents to create the perfect Summer Atmosphere with or without the sunny weather are the following;
- Ivory Coconut
- Fig Essence
- Guava Cucumber
- Grapefruit Blast
- Frangipani

Please leave your Summer Scent stories below in the comments section. We'd love to hear them!

To start Scenting your home or business please contact me on;

Start your Scent Success Story TODAY!

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Making your house a home, with scent

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Imagine a long hard day at work you're stressed out, tired and fed up. All you’re looking forward to is going home to a long warm bath, a good movie and a nice British cup of tea. After trudging through the rest of the day and after a tiresome commute home you eventually arrive to your front door; putting your key in and opening up your house you are greeted by the stench and stale remnants of the dinner you cooked the night before. This is not what you wanted to come home too at all.

Imagine this didn't have to happen. Imagine you had a product more effective than a candle, something which wouldn't burn out quickly and which could eradicate this problem of lingering, unwanted odour and replace it with a fragrance of your choice. Imagine a fresher, cleaner air!

We have your answer.

Introducing our state-of-the-art ‘Aromax’ to bring you the most pioneering machinery in order for you to scent your home.

The Aromax works by diffusing your choice of fragrance into your home using whisper silent technology. The fragrance is dispersed in a way which enables the most effective output which is much more efficient than any candle or other home scenting product. The Aromax delivers to you a restful, soothing atmosphere; perfect to suit your every mood.

We have a huge selection of scents available to you if you purchase an Aromax for your home. Whether it be the sweet delicate scent of white tea or the fresh dewy scent of grass, the floral fragrance frangipani or even perhaps the luxurious aroma of Redwood; We have something which is bound engage your senses and give your home a scent experience you have never encountered before. Furthermore to this the scents used inside the Aromax are made with the highest quality ingredients meaning you won't be left with that nasty chemical base note.

The Aromax has been created with the most innovative technology resulting in a stylish and compact cone-shaped design. Available in 6 brilliant colours the Aromax is bound to fit right into your home to compliment any interior.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us now; ready, set, scent.

Using scent at trade shows to attract customers

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A lot of time is spent designing displays and signage at trade show stands to make brands stand out from the crowd. Trade shows are filled with brands similar to your own, so what can you do to separate yourself from competitors? How can you influence a potential customer stop by your booth instead of another company's?

Incorporating a scent to your space can draw prospective customers towards your products. A customer should find your company within a crowded, competitive space, and be attracted to your display.

Once a potential customer is in your space, they should be given a positive and exciting experience that entices all senses. The use of a subtle and distinctive fragrance in your booth leads to customers feeling relaxed and comfortable, resulting in more time spent browsing your products, and thereby increasing the chances of sales.

With over 16 years of experience, Air Aroma has scented everything from small trade shows to large scale exhibitions, creating unique olfactive logos for brands such as Nissan and Carnival Cruises. We know how to design fragrances that will communicate your brands message to your customers, to learn more before your next trade show contact us today.

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Assault on the senses, combining fragrance and food

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Blake Malatesta, executive chef of 50 Ocean in Delray Beach, Florida, recently held a multi-sensory dinner for an exclusive guest list. Called "Assault on the Senses", this five-course tasting menu paired each of the 5 senses with a delicious and exotic dish. Lucky diners got to experience Air Aroma fragrances during two of the night's courses: Sound and (of course) Smell.

Benefits of Citrus and Peppermint Scents

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Recent studies have shown quite a few health benefits from both peppermint and citrus fragrances and oils. How can these benefits been seen in your everyday life?

A 2011 study done at Wheeling Jesuit University showed that after smelling peppermint oil every two hours, participants felt less hungry, and ate fewer calories per week than those who did not smell the peppermint oil. The same team also found that breathing in peppermint oil led participants to feeling more energized and alert. Our Pure Peppermint essential oil may have the same effects!

Meanwhile, a Brazilian Study asked participants to spend five minutes breathing in one of three different smells: orange oil, tea tree oil, or water. The participants who smelled the orange oil reported lower stress levels during a subsequent test. If you're looking to recreate these effects at home, try our Orange Fields or Bergamot Burst essential oils.

To order these fragrances, please visit our web store or contact your local distributor.

Relaxing essential oil aromatherapy for dental clinics

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Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Park City Dental Spa is more than just a dentist, they are a spa and their aim is to create a truly relaxing experience for their clients. To enhance the experience they offer complementary facial and hand treatments and guests enjoy soothing spa sounds and are enhanced by calming aromatherapy.

Park City Dental Spa uses all Eco friendly and non toxic chemicals on premises, so 100% natural essential oils were also a must for the aromatherapy experience. Bergamot Burst essential oil creates a clean and fresh feeling while relaxing guests at the Spa. 

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Warm fragrances for cold weather

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Winter is coming! Here are a few of our favorite fragrances to help you feel nice and warm during these cold months.

Our Vanilla Lace aroma oil is a warm and comforting fragrance with notes of vanilla and lavender. Slightly sweet, this fragrance is perfect for your home or office.

One of our most popular fragrances during the holidays is our Cinnamon Apple aroma oil. This warm and inviting fragrance smells like apple pie; it's sweet with a hint of cinnamon spice. This one's a crowd pleaser!

For our essential oil lovers, you can't go wrong with our Imaya oil. A spicy and woody mix, this essential oil is made with cinnamon, ginger, clove, and sandalwood. Sophisticated and bold, this fragrance will have you feeling warm and cozy in no time.

To order any of these fragrances or to view the rest of our retail range, please visit our web store.

Employing aroma as a business strategy

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This month Air Aroma was features in a feature piece on spa scenting, entitled ‘Employing aroma as a business strategy’. Spa Inc. is valued by spa professionals and distributors as their comprehensive business resource for the latest trends, products and services in the spa and esthetics market across Canada and abroad.

Lindsay Grummett talks with Air Aroma on the benefits of a sensory branding approach for Spas. The connection between smell and memory makes smell is the most powerful of all our senses and therefore the most effective.