Aroscent Pro

The Aroscent Pro Portable and Aroscent Pro Wall are both powered by Arologic. The Arologic technology allows you to have greater control over fragrances settings, making switching between different fragrances only a mouse-click away.

Just imagine setting your Aroscent Pro with an uplifting fragrance of Mint Motion to start your day, following a relaxing afternoon scent of Orange Fields and ending the evening with the ambient smells of Sencha Adore. Varying the fragrances you use throughout the day has never been easier.

Aroscent Pro


Aroscent Pro Portable

With portability being the main design feature of the Aroscent Pro Portable, the possibilities are endless. Using the Arologic technology you can schedule different fragrances to start and stop while enabling you to get on with your day. Great design, portability and automated scenting, you can have it all with Aroscent Pro Portable.

Aroscent Pro Wall

The Aroscent Pro Wall is consistent with Air Aroma’s sleek design and scent coverage capabilities. The Aroscent Pro Wall is the stylish option for a wall-mounted scent delivery solution. Using Arologic technology you can schedule three different fragrances right from your desktop.

Aroscent Pro Portable and Aroscent Pro Wall


  • Arologic Ready

  • Built-in Timer

  • Plug & Play

Great colours

The Aroscent Pro is available in 6 stunning colours. The variety of colours allows you to easily complement your interior with the Aroscent Pro. Now all you have to do is pick one.

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